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 The Great Nebula in Orion

Mt Pinos Astronomical Weather Forecast

Speculations on the Epistemology of Science and Cosmology, Relational Biology and Goedel's Theorem

Recent Observations

Full Color Image of M33 December 11, 2004
New Images November 13, 2004
Big Sunspots
GRB 030329 Observing Report
Comet WM1 2000 (LINEAR)
Comet WM1 2000 (LINEAR) Animation
New Images June 15, 2002
Comet Ikeya-Zhang Animation May 13, 2002
New Images September 5, 2001
New Images July 13, 2001
Comet Linear Animation July 13/14, 2001
Binned vs. Unbinned Image Analysis
Simulation Results for Median vs. Mean Combines
M42 LRGB March 18, 2001
Redshift Distance Calculator
(Excel format)
New Images July, 7, 2000
M51 Grayscale June 18, 2000
M64 and M13 LRGB June 3
NGC 891 LRGB and M33 Grayscale December 28, 1999
M31 and M42 LRGB December 11, 1999

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Supernova Observations
Galaxy Clusters

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