CCD Astronomy
Supernova Observations

Sunpernova SN1999el

Mag. 14.98 in Green. ST8 at f/7. October 30, 1999, Valencia, CA.

   Supernova SN1999cl

Each of the first three images is a single five minute guided exposure using the
ST7 ABG camera and 6" AP refractor at f/7. The fourth image combines the first
three. The arrows indicate the Supernova.

Unfortunately, I have only the GSC to work with right now, so I couldn't make
use of the reference stars provided by Brian Skiff for magnitude estimates.
However, I made (unfiltered) estimates using four GSC stars, as follows:

Designation    Magnitude Est.

GSC-0880-0182  14.10
GSC-0880-0076  14.01
GSC-0880-0326  14.35
GSC-0880-0188  14.05

Average        14.13

The first two of these are brighter than the supernova, while the latter two are
fainter. Unfiltered photometry was per-formed using the photometry function in
CCDSoft. The estimates were all made using the 04:35 image.