CCD Astronomy

Comet Lee

Three minute Track and Accumulate image, 6" AP refractor with ST7 camera. June
5, 1999, Valencia, CA.

The comet was seen easily in the eyepiece in bright hazy twilight skies, however, no
tail was visible to me visually.

The bright stars in the upper left forming the sideways 'L' are, from lower left to
upper right,

GSC-0796-0860    Mag. 10.61
GSC-0796-0731    Mag.  8.97
GSC-0796-0518    Mag.  9.31

Comet 52P/Harrington-Abell

5 min. exposure at f/7. ST7 at 2x2 binning with 6" AP refractor. January 6,
1999, Valencia, CA.