CCD Astronomy
Galaxy Clusters

NGC 5985 Group

Twenty minute guided exposure with 6" AP, ST7 camera. May 31, 1999, Valencia,

Two of three members of the NGC 5985 Group, this pair is NGC 5985 on the
left (Sb spiral) and NGC 5981 on the right (an E3 elliptical). The third member of
the group, NGC 5981, is a flat edge-on spiral to the right (west) of the edge of
this image. All three galaxies are visible in a single field.

Abell 426

20 min. exposure at f/7, ST7 Camera, 6" AP refractor. Self-guided. December 29, 1998,
Valencia, CA, bright moonlight.

Abell 426 is a cluster of 50+ galaxies in Perseus. IC1907, is mag. 15.1 and there are
at least twenty galaxies easily visible in the full frame image.